6 nights 7 days field seminar follow a logical path: providing elements for deeper, reflective understandings, having direct experiences, developing a critical approach and giving suggestions for effective advocacy.

We will present the AICP vision, policies and activities in the field, and also a more comprehensive global perspective related to the attitude of western and Arab countries toward the conflict.

  • The first on the ground experience will be a visit to the Apartheid Wall and refugee camps in the Bethlehem area;
  • During a visit to Hebron, where human rights violations occur on a daily basis, participants will meet an association for the monitoring of settlements in Hebron;
  •  During our weekly event at the AICafé, participants will meet different representatives of the Palestinian and Israeli civil society;
  • A visit to Jerusalem is scheduled to see the reality of the Israeli settlements, both in and surrounding the Old City;
  • A tour of Ramllah and/or Lod and then Jaffa will highlight the ongoing dispossession of the Palestinian population there, and will include meetings with Palestinian and Israeli social activists;
  • In Ramallah we will explore the topic of detention and political prisoners with an association of specialized lawyers and activists, and will have meetings with Palestinian politicians;
  • Together we will explore the economic dimensions of the Israeli occupation, in addition to women and gender issues within both Palestinian and Israeli societies;
  • A lecture about Israeli society will offer elements for understanding critical dynamics; the participants, moreover, will meet Israeli women and men who refuse to serve in the Israeli military.

The participants will be hosted in a guesthouse in Beit Sahour (Bethlehem) right next to the AIC-Center. All the tours will be one-day tour. The local transportation will be guaranteed by bus. All lectures will be in English.

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