Alternative Information Center – Palestine (AIC-P)

In 2019 the organization registered with the Palestinian Authority under the name Alternative Information Center – Palestine (AICP). The General Assembly of AICP include a wide variety of persons with diverse professional, social (women and youth), cultural and legal competencies who are interested in the work of this organization.  The Board of Directors was also elected to lead the work of AICP in this next phase.


The Alternative Information Center (AICP) was established to provide deep insight into the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and to promote the struggle to end the occupation and enable the Palestinian people to attain their freedom, independence and national rights. On a local and global level, the AICP engaged in the dissemination of information and analyses, political, social and cultural advocacy, grassroots activism and the organization of social and cultural activities.


The AICP programs focused on building a democratic society free of occupation, racism and exploitation.