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The Alternative Information Center (AIC) was established 1984 by progressive Palestinian and Israeli activists to provide a critical analytical understanding of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, its historical roots and its current social and political implications.

Publishing alternative information and analysis as well as promoting political advocacy and grassroots activism inside both Palestinian and Israeli societies, the AIC was the very first joint political israelo-palestinian organization promoting the joint struggle to end the occupation, to fulfil human rights of all people in historical Palestine and thus to enable the Palestinian people to attain their freedom, independence and national rights. The AIC has been engaged for decades at the local and global level organizing social and cultural activities, educating youth through political debates and advocating international activists by the field seminars "Bridges instead of Walls", and could attain numerous and significant achievements despite the structural challenges and obstacles it has been confronted with. First above all,it continued along the years to work and strive for a joint struggle for justice and for a democratic society free of occupation, racism and exploitation.  

Early 2019, in order to overcome the socio-political challenges facing the organization and to keep pace with different developments and formal constraints, the members of the AIC Directory Board evaluated the experience accumulated during more than 30 years together and took the strategic decision to renew and re-register the organization at the Palestinian Authority under the name "Alternative Information Center – Palestine".

The name AIC changed to AICP, but not our believe that ending the occupation needs a joint struggle: With our colleagues with whom we have fought for the past decades and who still stand by us, and with all international people believing in justice and equality.

We express our gratitude to all the funders, friends and colleagues who have trusted and accompanied the AIC throughout the years, and welcome you to embrace and support this new experience, so that AICP will fulfil its unique mission. 

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